We Specialize in Creating High Quality Roundups

Primary Benefits

Our experience from operating our own network of online publications taught us this type of content, if done properly, produces a substantial return on investment.

Brand Introductions  

Each roundup directly Introduces your brand to professionals by publishing their roundup answers on your company website.

Increased Social Sharing 

Each roundup grows your social following by engaging with multiple professionals on twitter, along with their followers.

Inbound links

Our roundup contributors will often publish an excerpt from the roundup on their company website with a link to the full roundup on your site.

Additional Visibility

By working with our group, we make certain each roundup (and your brand) is seen beyond your company blog. 


Each roundup is re-published on our network of publications at a later date .  Those roundups will include attribution to your company and website as the original source of the content piece.


Your company is prominantly displayed in our Tools & Resources section on BusinessTips.com.

Cross Publication

Key people with your company will have the opportunity to get published in roundups we conduct for other company blogs in our network.

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