How It Works

Our experienced team performs the following services to get the optimal results from each piece of content we create for your company blog.


We source ideal roundup contributors through outreach and from relationships we have developed via our online directories and publications.


This includes adding images provided by the contributors, embedding outbound links, insuring bullets and lists display properly, proper attribution, and more.

Search Engine Optimizaztion:

This includes building the URL structure for each piece to match popular searched topics, optimizing keywords, and generating inbound links from the authority websites of our vetted contributors.


Scheduling content to be published in a timely manner and during the ideal window of time for maximum engagement.

Tweet Wording:

We provide suggested snippets for tweeting, from each of the roundup contributor’s comments.  These snippets are embedded directly into the roundup for optimal engagement and sharing.  


Each piece of content is distributed to our corresponding publications for more visibility for your company and the contributor.  The content is published with attribution to your website as the original source.

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