Direct Introductions between Your Brand and the Pros in Your Industry

We build Branded Publications on Impact Names for companies that want to increase their visibility and build relationships with the pros that operate in their industry.

For the pros in each industry, we provide highly targeted visibility by publishing features with them that are distributed across our network of publications.  We do this at No Cost to the industry pros.

Impact Names we have owned or operated for clients:

How Impact Names Will Grow the Reach of Your Company:

A Branded Online Publication Built on an Impact Name Relevant to Your Industry

Benefit from our decade of experience in online publishing.  We’ll use our proven platform, methodology, and processes to build, operate, and grow your publication. 

Content Powered by People with Pull

Our team will generate engaging, original content from people with subject matter expertise in the form of Q&A’s and topical articles.  Content from Founders, Executives,  HR professionals, Marketers, Authors, Coaches, and more.

  • Content for your Publication
  • Content for your Company website

Relationships with Pros in Your Industry

Our team will do outreach to the pros in your industry.  We invite them to participate in Q&A’s and roundups.  When we publish the content, we engage the pros to promote the articles via their marketing channels, such as social media and to include links from their websites to the content your website.

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